We are excited to allow the use of pacers for the P2P HUNDRED runners in 2025.

Pacers are individuals who accompany a runner during certain portions of the race to provide support, navigation, motivation, and also safety especially in remote mountain areas or when running through the night is required.



1. Runners are allowed to have one pacer accompany them, starting from the Mcbains Aid Station to the finish line at Doolhof Wine Estate.

2. Runners leaving Mcbains Aid Station may have a pacer from that point.

3. No change of pacers allowed.

4. Each pacer must enter the event via the Entry Ninja entry platform before entries close on 31 January 2025.

5. Pacers must be at least 20 years of age.

6. Pacers must enter and leave the Mcbains Aid Station with their runner and must clearly identify themselves to aid station personnel. Pacers may accept aid at aid stations.

7. Pacers may assist their runner with the filling of water bottles or replenishment of supplies at aid stations but may not come into the aid station ahead of their runner, or depart after their runner, in order to speed up the re-fueling process.

8. Pacers may not carry water, food, head lights, shoes, clothing, or other supplies for their runner or provide any other type of mechanical or physical assistance to their runner on the course. Muling is expressly forbidden. Pacers may carry their own supplies and food.

9. If a runner withdraws from the race and their pacer wishes to continue, the pacer must remain at the aid station until another runner requests the services of a pacer. The pacer may not continue on the trail without an official race entrant.

10. No pacing allowed outside the pacing zones.

11. Pacers are allowed to drop out of the race only at Mcbains Aid Station or at the finish line. No Pacers will be allowed to drop out of the race at any other point on the course for a reason other than a medical emergency or withdrawal due to injury / fatigue.

12. Not assisting a person in difficulty on course (in need of care) as per point 11 will lead to disqualification. Runners have to assist the pacer in case of an emergency until medics or event marshals arrive on scene to be able to continue with the race.

13. Pacers are required to stay within a respectable distance of the runner they are accompanying at all times, within eyesight or a maximum of 100m behind. (Unless the pacer dropped out at Mcbains Aid Station)